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AXIS Object Analytics

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Intelligent ACAP Object Analytics, Run and Classify People and Vehicles
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Description AXIS Object Analytics

Axis cameras with firmware 10.2 (or higher)

AI-based object detection and classification

This multifeatured video analytics comes preinstalled on compatible Axis cameras, adding value at no extra cost. It detects and classifies humans, vehicles, and types of vehicles. Thanks to AI-based algorithms and behavioral conditions, it analyzes the scene and spatial behavior of the objects within – all tailored to your specific needs. This scalable, edge-based analytics requires minimum set up and supports various scenarios running simultaneously. Using the camera’s event management system, it integrates with all major video management systems. Designed to enable proactive monitoring you can quickly verify detected events or set up automatic responses and collect data to access actionable insights

Key Features:

  • Edge-based video analytics
  • Classifies humans and vehicles
  • Runs multiple scenarios simultaneously
  • Flexible and easy configuration
  • Preinstalled at no extra cost

The application can run on compatible Axis MLPU cameras with firmware 10.2 (or higher). DLPU cameras must have firmware 10.3 (or later).

The Time in area (beta) function is not available in these cameras: AXIS Q3819-PVE Panoramic Camera, AXIS P3727-PLE Panoramic Camera, AXIS M4308-PLE Panoramic Camera.


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