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Axis Camera Station PRO & EDGE

Upgrade options from ACS 5 to ACS Pro or Edge

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In April 2024, AXIS Camera Station Pro will be released. What does this mean for existing AXIS Camera Station 5 installations and what choices can you make?

A more comprehensive VMS package.

AXIS Camera Station Pro Upgrade

AXIS Camera Station has long been the top choice in environments with Axis cameras. Product features such as Object Analytics and access control are well integrated within the software. Over the years, AXIS Camera Station has evolved from a package for live viewing and recording to a full-fledged VMS solution for Axis cameras.

AXIS Camera Station is expanding and will be available in 2 versions:

EDGE, for systems with storage on SD card or an Axis Recorder, and PRO for systems with advanced features such as Secure Entry and Analytics.

  • PRO: Replacement of AXIS Camera Station 5
  • EDGE: Successor to AXIS Companion 
  • CLOUD CONNECT: Online camera management. 
  • CLOUD STORAGE: Online storage of camera images. (30 days, 720p, 15FPS) 
  • CENTER: Multi-site and Multi-user management
Upgrade from Axis Camera Station 5 to PRO

5 jaar gratis gebruik voor bestaande gebruikers

If you have an existing AXIS Camera Station installation, Axis offers five years of free usage of AXIS Camera Station Pro. This applies to your current number of licenses. Therefore, upgrade before May 2025 to take advantage of this offer.

Alternatively, you can choose to retain your existing AXIS Camera Station 5 installation. In that case, updates will cease around Q2 2027, and support will end around Q2 2029.

ACS Pro Compare V3
Upgrade in a timely manner and receive five years of Axis Camera Station Pro for free.

Roadmap and phasing out of ACS 5

ACS Pro Upgrade Path V2
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