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Special products

Design and production of customer-specific camera accessories.

Did you not find what you were looking for? NetcamCenter provides customized solutions for IP cameras. Our development team is happy to help you with a suitable solution.

An addition with own developments

We regularly supplement standard products with our own developments in hardware and software. If you have a question that cannot be solved as standard, you can call us. We then look for a suitable solution to your problem together with you. Below are some examples.

Custom-made mounting brackets

Webcam Center Special Products 002

We offer you special ceiling mounts that can be operated telescopically. We also supply ceiling mounts that are made to the desired size

Camera mounting bracket with magnetic base

When a camera has to be mounted temporarily or permanently on a steel plate or beam, but it is not allowed to drill directly, a mounting bracket with magnetic base is extremely suitable. The magnetic feet that are supplied by NetcamCenter are always dimensioned, so that the magnet does not unexpectedly release. Depending on the weight of the camera, we choose the suitable magnet base.

Universal camera clamp and truss mounting

Mount a camera on a scaffolding tube or truss with the universal camera clamp in a few seconds. A shelf or square tube is also not a problem.

Suspended ceiling mounts in different heights

The converters developed by us make it possible to choose different lenses for the AXIS M10 cameras

Camera masts with 4G connection

Cameramast Met Umts Verbinding

This universal camera mast has been specially developed for installations where the camera and any network equipment is mounted on a flat roof. The mast is supplied on special order and can therefore be adjusted entirely to your own wishes.

3D printed parts, from idea to product in just a few days.

Webcam Center 3 D Printing A8105 002

Our in-house knowledge and ability for 3D printing enables us to design and produce highly specific components for camera solutions in a short time. Think of mounting brackets with different sizes or inclination.

All the benefits of 3D printed camera parts:

  • Customized products for small quantities
  • From idea to product in just a few days
  • Easy to adjust for variations
Camera Painting Animation

Powder coating

We can powder-coat or spray any camera supplied by us in any desired RAL color. This means that the color scheme of the camera matches your home or business premises exactly. We take care of the entire process of disassembly, masking and coating. This way we guarantee the highest possible quality result.