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AI Camera Analytics & Metadata

Smart cameras help you make better choices.

IP cameras with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning have had a revolutionary impact on security systems and surveillance. These advanced technologies enable these cameras to do much more than just capture images. With the ability to learn and analyze, they provide valuable insights and significantly reduce false alarms.

Think outside the box

Recognize custom-trained objects with deep learning.

Apart from the objects predefined by the manufacturer, it is also possible to train the system to recognize specific objects. This enables the application of analytics or monitoring on unique shapes and object types.

n Camera AI

Training the objects to be detected. In this phase, errors are also corrected. Objects with clear contours and high contrast are best suited for Camera AI.

Gathering metadata

Once the camera is set up, it stores metadata in our database. It is also possible to receive alarm notifications when other situations are detected.

Visual representation of data

After a short period, a dashboard can be generated from the collected data. This provides insights into measurements and trend analyses, for example.

Na korte periode kan er vna de verzamelde data een dashboard worden weergeven. Dit geeft inzicht in bijvoorbeeld metingen en trendanalyses.

Analytics hero

Cameras with AI & Deep Learning

Convert images into data, recognize objects and situations.

Historical data and trend analysis

With our dashboards, customers can view and analyze collected data in an organized manner. Real-time monitoring, custom reporting, and advanced visualization make it easy to gain insights and identify trends. Our AI cameras provide a powerful tool for making data-driven decisions and optimizing security and efficiency.

Temperature Analytics

Analytics for process monitoring

Voorkom situaties, voordat ze gevaarlijk worden.

Prevent situations before they become dangerous.

Analyze and optimize production processes.

By placing smart cameras to observe production processes, there are various possibilities to analyze processes and address bottlenecks early.

  • Analyze and optimize production processes.
  • Barcode scanning, trace the flow of unique goods, and identify causes of production errors.
  • Monitor machines and processes. Detect blockages or closely monitor temperatures with thermal cameras.