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IP cameras also make traffic safer.

To ensure that traffic runs as smoothly as possible, you constantly need the latest information. With network video cameras you have this information within reach.

License plate recognition

Licenplate IR Comparison Example Webcam Center

You can improve your video management by installing a powerful, fully integrated software solution that automatically recognizes license plates. In principle, you can use the license plate recognition module with an integrated IP camera, making it very easy to use. The license plate recognition module runs on one server. This allows you to have maximum control over 8 lanes depending on the speed, traffic volume and trigger type. A range of management functions, such as the inclusion of number plates in organized lists or an electronic ticket handling system, completes the license plate recognition module.

Infrared lighting for license plate recognition

To be able to recognize license plates in a day and night situation, there is only 1 good solution and that is a camera with an infrared lamp that is set so that the headlights of the car are filtered out and that the infrared lamp is sufficiently strong is to make the license plate light up.

A camera that can read license plates in most situations normally produces a black or dark image. If a vehicle comes into the picture, the license plate will light up. In practice, this camera cannot be used at the same time to get more information from the vehicle or passenger.

Often a camera for license plate recognition is combined with a camera that views the vehicle as a whole.

Pixels and license plate recognition

Licenseplate Optimal Pixels Webcam Center

To display a license plate legibly, enough pixels are needed on the sensor to be able to distinguish letters and numbers. To get a clear contrast, a minimum of 2 pixels between numbers and white space is needed. For a standard European license plate this amounts to a width of at least 74 pixels for the license plate. For a legible license plate and for automatic license plate recognition we use a minimum of 100 - 150 pixels width.

Right camera choice and configuration

Licenplate Shutter Comparison Example Webcam Center

In addition to choosing the right product, the success of a license plate camera also lies in fine-tuning the camera and software. NetcamCenter advises and supports the camera and, if desired, the installation and configuration of the system. Important features of a license plate camera include:

  • Fast shutter speeds. Too long shutter speeds result in a blurred image.
  • WDR / Backlight compensation. Prevents headlights from distorting the image.
  • Infrared Illumination.
  • Telephoto lens, often necessary to achieve the desired number of pixels per meter.
  • Correct position of the camera.
  • Resolution of the camera.
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Optimize traffic flows

The demand for infrastructure and real-time traffic information is increasing rapidly. With an IP camera solution, it is easy to view high-quality live video images of highways, intersections, tunnels, bridges and major commuter routes and share them with multiple target groups.

The very latest information within reach

This can bring a wide range of benefits, such as, for example, commuters who have access to live images via the internet and can make decisions about their journeys and traffic that can be quickly diverted to reduce and prevent traffic jams. News channels can also give their listeners detailed traffic information.

Counting cars, cyclists and pedestrians

Traffic surveillance creates a safe environment

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Network video cameras are nowadays indispensable in society in the fight against crime and increasing the safety of citizens. They are an excellent supplementary tool for the police in the performance of their duties.

Safer Cities

Many cities around the world use network video solutions to efficiently protect citizens and property, reduce the costs of vandalism, and improve the image of the city.

Protecting passengers, staff, infrastructure and real estate

Safe traffic ensures a good living environment in the city

For many cities it is of great importance to promote public transport in order to improve the quality of commuting. To this end, a safe environment must be created for passengers and staff in the first place. Placing network video cameras has helped various public transport companies, operators and infrastructure managers to achieve their surveillance objectives and to benefit from a reduction in vandalism, violent incidents and fraudulent insurance claims, a future-proof, flexible surveillance solution and a safer transport environment.