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AXIS ACAP Motion Guard E-license

AXIS Article code MotionGuard

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Axis ACAP Motion Guard E-license
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  • Triggers an alarm when a person or vehicle moves in a specified space

Description AXIS ACAP Motion Guard E-license

Smart motion detection

From firmware 10.2 use Object Analytics

AXIS Motion Guard is a video motion detection application that triggers an event whenever an object, such as a person or vehicle of relevant size, moves within predefined areas in a camera's field of view. Support for multiple profiles allows you to set up different "include" areas or have different configurations for daytime and nighttime. Filters and perspective configuration help reduce false alarms. Alarm overlays in live or recorded video make clear what objects are triggering the alarms. AXIS Motion Guard is ideal for after-hours monitoring of office buildings, retail stores, industrial properties and vehicle depots.

The application can be installed on compatible Axis cameras and video encoders with firmware 7.10 or higher.
For compatible cameras with firmware 10.2 (or higher), we recommend upgrading to AXIS Object Analytics.

Key Features:

  • Video motion detection
  • Edge-based video analytics
  • Multiple profiles for extra flexibility
  • Perspective tool for fewer false alarms
  • Bounding box alarm overlay


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