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About us

From WebcamCenter to NetcamCenter

The name Netcam of network cameras fits our activities better than Webcam. We will therefore use the trade name NetcamCenter from April 2020.

Experienced team

Since 2001 we have specialized on professional IP camera applications for surveillance, observation, access control and live-streaming. We use the most professional brands of hardware and intelligent software systems.


We implement solutions at industry, traffic, maritime, construction, government, healthcare and residential homes. Challenge us with your question about your application.


We use the latest products for intelligent surveillance solutions that we supplement with our own innovative developments for both hardware and software.

The hardware innovations can for example consist of 3D design and 3D print of camera accessories such as brackets.

For software innovations, these are, for example, own applications for live streaming and display of camera images, but also applications for the analysis of camera images.

ISO Certification

We are ISO certified to confirm that we deliver consistently good quality. This concerns the certification of quality management ISO 9001, environmental management ISO 14001, and information security ISO 27001.

Competitive prices

You receive products and services of the highest quality. Companies receive the best price for the products. Ask for a company account with extra discount.

Installation and support

All solutions that we advise will work as expected by the client. For this we have a team of mechanics and specialists who configure remotely.


We like to work together with installers, one-man companies or IT departments of companies to make your solution a success together.


We speak English, German and Dutch.


Arkasis BV (Ltd.) is registered in the Netherlands with the Chamber of Commerce under number 60711574 and VAT number NL-8540.271.78.B01. We use different trade names such as NetcamCenter, WebcamCenter, NetcamViewer and BouwCam.


We are located on the Limbrichterstraat 1 in Sittard The Netherlands, close to the German and Belgian borders.

Our visiting address is Limbrichterstraat 1, 6131EA Sittard, The Netherlands.

Our warehouse to deliver goods is Gats 11, 6131EM Sittard, The Netherlands.