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Run a safer hotel

Let your future customer enjoy live streams from your hotel and the surrounding area. And secure your hotel with good camera surveillance.

Let future guests enjoy live webcam

With a NetCamViewer Live, your future customer can already enjoy your hotel and the environment. The streaming package is exceptionally suitable for streaming market squares, beaches, surf spots and many other interesting locations.

View one of our example live webcams

Lions Dive Resort, Curaçao

Hotel de Blanke Top, Cadzand, Netherlands

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Protect your hotel against vandalism and theft

Hotels are often affected by vandalism, burglary or violence. This entails high costs. Good camera surveillance can offer a solution for this, so that you as a hotel owner can focus as optimally as possible on what is most important to you, your guests.

Complete monitoring system

Camera surveillance helps you in various ways. With the functions of an IP camera you increase the safety of your guests and staff. Violence and theft can be prevented and their damage minimized because it is easier to identify suspects after the incident is investigated.

Completely automated

If a camera is tampered with or if there is noise or movement in the building at undesirable times, your security personnel will receive an automatic notification from the camera. This allows the situation to be evaluated quickly and to act accordingly. If necessary, high-quality video images can be directly shared with the police through the internet or mobile equipment.

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