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For live streaming and timelapse films

A unique all-in-one camera solution for displaying images, viewing remotely and recording time-lapse recordings.

The complete solution

Rent a Cam Bosch 02

Our rent-a-cam set consists of an Axis or Bosch 4K fixed camera with a very large viewing angle of 110 degrees. Another camera, such as a PTZ camera, can also be supplied at an additional cost.

The set includes the power supply for the camera, a 4G+ router with current monitoring, surge protection and a large HDD for local storage.

Because all required hardware is included in this set, only a 230 V power connection is required on site.

Easy to install yourself Only 230V/12V connection required.

Easy and fast installation

Due to the built-in cleverness of this set, the installation is very easy to perform. We can place this set for you, or you choose to assemble the set yourself.

To fix the rent-a-cam cabinet, it is attached to a pole or pole by means of two hose clamps. If this is not present, our installer always has a mast with him which can be placed on a flat roof of, for example, a building stand.

As soon as the cabinet has power, the live streaming will start immediately. You will receive a unique link from us where you can immediately see the stream and which you can integrate into your own website.

We also immediately start taking a 4K photo, we set the interval at which it is taken with a minimum of 1 minute to your liking.

During the construction we can provide you with automatically made time-lapse films in the meantime, to be able to monitor the progress during presentations or meetings. At the end of the project we provide a fully edited time-lapse film.

Rent a Cam Axis 02

High quality image

Because high-quality equipment is used, we can deliver your images and films in the highest possible quality. In addition to using a 4K camera, we also ensure that all images are protected on our server. This allows us to continuously monitor whether the stored images are of the desired quality.

When editing the time-lapse films, we also use a set of tools designed by us to optimize the final quality of your film. We can, if desired, incorporate your own logos, captions and other image material into the film, so that you have a full promotional film of your project after delivery.


NetcamCenter and the Rent-a-Cam / NetcamViewer Live service are fully compliant with ISO 27001 Information Security. We hereby guarantee the security of the cameras connected to our servers and their accessibility.

More options

Solarpack Netcam Viewer WCC

In addition to the standard services, we can also offer additional options for each project. A number of options that we can offer are

Emergency stop
An administrator can switch off the stream via SMS in the event of an incident.

Stream security
Prevents the camera from being displayed on unauthorized websites.

Backup power supply
To bridge short periods of power failure or when using an aggregate, our backup batteries can be used if required.

Solar panels
If there is no power supply yet, we can supply additional solar panels for the power supply of the camera.

We can offer a customized solution for every situation. You can always contact us for this.