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NetcamViewer, The specialist for construction cameras.

For live streaming and timelapse films

Make your construction project a beautiful and lasting memory.

With the construction camera setup you can stream live images and we will make a beautiful time-lapse film for you.


Quick delivery

The construction camera will be shipped within a few business days.

Easy to install yourself

Set comes complete with mast for flat roof.
Yourself provides:
* A good place with a view of the construction
* 230V connection

Instant image with QR code

With the unique QR code on the construction camera, you have an instant live view of the camera.

Rent a Cam Axis 02

The construction camera allows you to quickly and easily view your images online.

The camera is easy to install yourself:

The construction camera allows you to quickly and easily view your images online.

The camera is equipped with all the options needed for live streaming and archiving.

The construction camera allows you to use the following options:

  • Live streaming via internet
  • Archive player
  • Auto timelapse functions
  • Additional option: Camera surveillance, up to 1 month of viewing back


Time-lapse is a filming technique in which a picture is taken every few minutes and later put together in sequence. This produces an accelerated film, which can reveal effects that would not be seen when played back at normal speed.

Time-lapse made by professional editor


Professional Timelapse Films

Our timelapse and construction films are made with the utmost care. What sets us apart is that we go through several steps to deliver the film in the highest quality. Our editors review every frame and assess the quality of this.

What seems endless becomes the point! A timelapse is a unique reference work.

For large construction projects, one possibility is to store images from different positions. At a later stage, the positions can be combined into one image, producing a panoramic film in which a large area can be seen in one shot. Moreover, different zoom effects can be added to produce a dynamic and interesting timelapse.

A selection of our time-lapse films

Time-lapse ProRail
Retraction of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal railway bridge
Time-lapse Renovation Stenins lock
Time-lapse Cargo Ship
Bontrup sails from Amsterdam to Norway with final destination Antwerp
Time-lapse Artwork
Sint Dimpna Hospital Mural
Time-lapse Test Street
Time-lapse Mobilis
Railway underpass


152942157 Bouwplaats

Camera security

Camera surveillance

With the additional camera monitoring option, you can review your images for up to 1 month

Emergency stop + 1-hour delay

An administrator can disable the stream via SMS in case of incidents.
The delay allows you to avoid showing unwanted images.

Web-based App

The web-based app allows you to view all recordings 24/7.

More information

For more information on the construction camera, visit: