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For live streaming and timelapse films

Construction sites are an easy target for thieves. Theft of building material and tools is a major source of loss for contractors. The insurance companies cover part of the loss, but the contractors and subcontractors pay a lot of costs.

Watch the construction live from a distance

An example of a live stream in construction

Live streaming offers the possibility to view live camera images of construction projects, to follow the progress of the construction. These images can also be archived and there is the possibility to make a time-lapse film.

For a good representation of construction projects, movable cameras, which can also be controlled remotely, are particularly suitable, as well as cameras with a very large zoom range and cameras that provide day and night images (infrared cameras).

Our range consists of the entire Axis IP camera line and many other brands. Below you will find 4 recommended Axis cameras, which are excellent as a construction camera. If you have not found the right camera or if you want suitable advice, please contact us.

Timelapse: the construction afterwards in a nutshell

What seems endless becomes the point! A timelapse is a unique reference work.

With a time-lapse, long-term recordings are shortened to an interesting film of a few minutes. Time-lapse is a film technique in which a picture is taken every few minutes and subsequently taken one after the other. This results in an accelerated film, so that effects can be made visible that would not be visible when playing at a normal speed.

For large building projects we are able to record a history of multiple positions for a camera. This allows for example to create a panorama time lapse, as shown in the example below.

A selection of our time-lapse films

Most chosen products for timelapse videos

Complete solution for live streaming, archive and timelapse

Rent a Cam Axis 02

Through our Rent-a-Cam set we are able to put construction cameras in the field in a very short time. The set provides the camera, internet connection and all services for live streaming, archiving. And at the end of the construction you will receive a timelapsefilm from us.

  • Live streaming via internet
  • Archive player
  • Auto timelapse functions
  • Extra option: Camera surveillance, looking back up to 1 month

Construction site security is indispensable nowadays!

Construction sites are usually full of valuable materials. They are therefore a wanted target for thieves. Large business losses arise from the theft of building materials and tools. Part of the loss is covered by the insurance company, but a large part of the costs are for your own account. These costs include, for example, replacement of the material, delay in work due to the absence and re-ordering of materials, additional paperwork and repair of damage.
By placing cameras you can effectively protect your building site.

For proper monitoring of construction projects, you can choose from the following cameras:

  • Movable cameras
  • Cameras with a very large zoom range
  • Day and night cameras (infrared cameras)
  • The possibility to receive a signal / alarm in the event of disturbances

We can advise you which camera is suitable for your situation. In addition, there are various options for the display of images and storage.

Most selected products for construction site security