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Remote support

Setting up and configuring camera systems via the internet

A well-adjusted camera system improves the quality of the images and user experience of customers. You install the cameras yourself and we configure the system remotely. Ideal for both end customers and resellers.

Remote support

Webcam Center Remote Support

To help you remotely, our support staff has a program that you can use to view your PC with your permission. That way our support staff can control the mouse, execute programs, change settings for you and possibly copy software and drivers to your PC.

How can I use this?

If you want to use this option, you can contact us by telephone. To be able to help you properly in this way, you must click on the 'Remote Support' button below during telephone contact with us. You then choose 'Run' or 'Run' and then you go through 2 or 3 questions to start the program. If you get a question from your firewall or want to unblock this program, you must confirm this.

By downloading and running our remote support software you agree that our employee can watch on your PC until you close the software. We advise you to close or minimize privacy sensitive applications before you run this software. No software will be permanently installed on your PC.