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Presence and security for everyone.

Whether you are responsible for a small school or a large university, your goal is to create an environment that promotes a student's interest in learning and a teacher's passion for sharing. A goal that is only possible if everyone is present and safe.

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Contact and development is important for everyone, especially for pupils or students who are sick or unable to attend the school for any other reason. Study tasks can provide regularity and structure in the event of an uncertain period.

Distance education can then offer a solution for a student. There are various reasons for choosing this form of education.

In concrete terms, this means that a student can follow the lesson remotely and does not have to be present in the classroom or lecture hall. By means of a live video connection, the student can follow the lesson and in a number of cases also ask for an explanation directly if necessary.

Because video communication is used, the lesson and lecture can also be recorded immediately. This means that you can also choose to watch the recordings at a later time or be used for other educational purposes.

How safe is your school?

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Schools are often affected by vandalism, violence or burglary. This entails high costs. Good camera surveillance can provide a solution for this, so that you as an educational institution can focus as optimally as possible on your most important task: education.

With camera surveillance you can, among other things, increase the safety of students and staff, minimize the costs of vandalism, investigate incidents and, of course, prevent violence and theft.

To protect your educational institution as well as possible, it is important that the network cameras are used in strategic places such as entrances and exits, canteens and the hallways.

With network cameras, you have a surveillance system that allows you to acc.ess video images from different locations remotely. The complete system is easy to connect to your already existing network, so that the installation and maintenance costs can be kept low

If a camera is tampered with or if noise or movement is detected in a building at unwanted times, you will receive an automatic notification from the camera. This allows the situation to be evaluated quickly and to act accordingly. If necessary, high-quality video images can be directly shared with the police through the internet or mobile equipment.

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Improve the quality of education through remote communication

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Synchronous coaching is a method whereby immediate feedback can be given to a teacher in the making while teaching.

In concrete terms, this means that a teacher educator does not have to be present in the classroom or on location. The trainer can guide the student from his workplace and give feedback. By means of a live video connection, the trainer can follow the teacher in the making during his lesson and whisper directions into the student's ear.

Because video communication is used, the lesson can also be recorded immediately. The recordings can then be used for, among other things, the evaluation interview and for a student's portfolio.

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