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Minimize loss. Maximize revenue. Secure your customers and staff.

An extra pair of eyes in your store gives you more knowledge about your store. You can think of security in your store, but also information about which customer visits your store at what time or how long your queue is at the checkout.

Is your store well protected?


By installing camera surveillance you help prevent damage and shoplifting! To protect your company as well as possible, it is important that cameras are used in strategic places, such as the main entrance or exit.

The number of shoplifters is increasing annually. Retailers spend millions of euros on prevention every year. More and more companies are switching from analogue to digital camera surveillance. Not only is the preventive effect greater, but it also provides legally more useful images of incidents. Moreover, those images are easier to find. The companies that have installed IP camera surveillance report without exception a decrease in claims due to shoplifting and fraud.

We offer a wide selection of cameras to ensure adequate supervision. For example, our range has infrared, for outdoor use, with built-in intelligence, inconspicuous, controllable and movable cameras

You can also view the images or record the images at multiple locations. There are various additional options with the solutions within our range.

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Do you have full control over the cash register?

Internal sales losses are mainly caused by manipulation of the POS (Point of Sales) system. When you integrate your IP video network with your POS system, you can easily identify suspicious or unusual transactions.

You can save a lot of time and money with a link between an IP video network and your POS system. You do not have to analyze video footage for hours. This system provides you with detailed exception reports, where each transaction is linked to corresponding high-quality video images. This allows you to easily and quickly detect common errors, misunderstandings and innovative ways to manipulate the POS system. Real-time and historical information is just a few clicks away, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

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Do you know how many customers have visited your store today?

Webcam Center People Counter Analytics

Today, access to detailed, real-time insights into customer behavior is an important competitive advantage within the retail market. Counting people on the basis of video offers retailers a way to record and analyze customer data from a certain location.

Different solutions

Within retail there is a lot of information to be gained about customers. With this information it is possible to expand the knowledge and insight of your staff. There are various ways to gain this information. For example, it is possible to find out how many people enter your store or the amount of people waiting in line at a certain time. We have various solutions to help you with this.

Conversion rate

Webcam Center People Counting Charts

Conversion rate is the ratio between numbers or transactions and visitor numbers. It is considered to be one of the most accurate indicators for measuring performance in the retail trade. By constantly monitoring the conversion rate, retailers receive crucial information for optimizing profit.

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How long does your customer wait?

For you as a retailer it is interesting to know at what times there are queues at the cash registers. After all, a customer who buys a product is more satisfied if he is helped quickly and neatly with the checkout. This increases satisfaction with your company and increases loyalty.

Control over waiting times

Webcam Center Queue Monitor

With the help of a Qeue monitor you can manage the waiting times and thus influence the satisfaction of your customers. You can see how many customers are waiting and how long the average waiting time is. With this data you can optimize staff planning, shorten waiting times and increase customer satisfaction.


You can define areas of interest and apply them to other parts of your store. For example, use a hotspot to collect data about the estimated number of people in your store at any time. This information can be used to test promotions.

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