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Custom software

The developer team of NetcamCenter has extensive knowledge about the possibilities of cameras and is focused on the optimal integration of IP cameras in software. Where possible we use the options that are already built into a camera. Is the desired function not present? Then we program it ourselves.

NetcamViewer Monitor

Netcam Viewer Monitor WITHTV

We have developed NetcamViewer Monitor especially for viewing IP cameras on a monitor or television. With this we solved a problem for a large group of our customers, who thought it was desirable to be able to view one or more IP cameras in a simple way without the intervention of a PC. By listening to the wishes of our customers, we have chosen hardware with low power consumption. For this we have developed software that is both stable and easy to operate.

NetcamViewer Monitor has been deployed in thousands of locations and is being actively developed by us. Our developer team has added advanced functions and we support more than 600 brands and models of IP cameras.

API Integration

API Integratie Graphic NL

Professional IP cameras nowadays are more than a security camera. IP cameras can be fully integrated into building management systems, communicate with alarm systems and switch PCLs based on camera intelligence.


Many of our IP cameras can easily be linked to smart home and home automation systems. Think of opening doors or gates or switching lights. Does your device support a direct API? Many functions are also possible via IFTTT. (If This Then That)

Buttons / PCL control

Switch camera functions, such as recordings and privacy masks, on or off by pressing a physical button. Or have lighting come on when moving in certain zones. Numerous possibilities due to the intelligence of the camera. Because of the API integration via IP you are not bound to the location of the camera, but you can control devices at any desired location.

Alarm Systems

Through intelligence in the camera, the camera also functions as a sensor. For example for movement or when an object is removed from the image. Many of our IP cameras can be linked to alarm systems via a potential-free contact or via IP. More certainty and fewer false reports? Our thermal cameras also have extensive API integration..

Access control

Open barriers based on automatic license plate recognition. Send a notification when a registered shoplifter enters the mall. With smart API links you can respond proactively.