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Live Streaming Video

Let thousands of visitors enjoy your view simultaneously.

With our streaming services you can share the images from your IP camera live on your website or social media. In this way very many people can look at your camera at the same time without putting extra strain on the camera or your network.

Live streaming via NetcamViewer Live

We have developed the NetcamViewer live streaming service ourselves in response to questions from our customers. Our streaming service is constantly being updated to provide our customers with the latest technology. We offer our service for almost all cameras, including cameras that are not purchased from us.

For our streaming services we use a separate streaming server that we put together with a very high uptime that can meet all our customers' wishes. We offer our services for beach tents and beachcams to large events such as Sail Amsterdam.

Example of NetcamViewer live

The benefits of NetcamViewer Live

Our service does not stop at displaying the image of your camera. Our advanced player is equipped with the latest security and can be seamlessly integrated into any website.

In our player we have a number of features that can be used by visitors to your website. For example, our player can be used as a picture in picture as standard, there is an easy full-screen mode. Your viewers will also never see a black image. A picture is taken of the image every hour and this is used as a preview. If your camera unexpectedly goes offline, this image will be seen as a placeholder

Time-lapse and archive player

Live Streaming Functions

In addition to live image, we also offer the possibility to look back at images. You can additionally request the option to archive. A picture is uploaded to our server at a fixed interval, for example every 5 minutes. Visitors to your website can then choose at the bottom of the player to view this archive and see the progress of a project or the change in the environment. Optionally, a time-lapse film can be made of a project from these collected images.

The possibilities of NetcamViewer Live streaming

  • Stream directly on your website
  • Advanced HTML5 player with the latest protection
  • Ability for visitors to view archive images
  • Ability to time make lapse recordings
  • PTZ operation through preferred positions
  • Picture in picture display
  • Recent snapshot when camera goes offline
  • Possibility to create your own color to use in player
  • SMS control for switching live stream on and off


There is a program available for AXIS cameras that can be loaded into the camera. With the Camstreamer ACAP, your camera can stream directly to YouTube. Because of this you have no monthly streaming costs and your camera will be placed directly on your YouTube account.

Camera streamed with Camstreamer on YouTube

Get more out of your camera


Cam Overlay Functions Combined

The Camoverlay software can be used for a number of Axis cameras. This software makes it possible to add dynamic elements to your stream. Think of a live weather overview for the location of the camera or a news feed

Visitors choose what they are looking at

With a suitable PTZ camera we can record a number of preferred positions in our NetcamViewer Live player. A visitor can hereby move the camera to one of the preferred positions without having further control over the camera. Hereby we take into account a maximum number of choices of preferred position. You can choose the number of options per minute and the time the camera must remain at a position.

A selection of preferred positions

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