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Optimal enjoyment of your holiday home

Well secured and enjoy at a distance

Allow your vacation to last longer and enjoy the live images that your network camera makes for you. You can also leave your holiday home with confidence with the help of camera security.

Protect your holiday home against burglary and vandalism

During a large part of the year your holiday home is empty and there is no supervision. Burglars then have free rein. Camera surveillance helps prevent damage and theft.

To protect your holiday home as well as possible, it is important that cameras are used in strategic places, such as at the entrances and exits, at the garage or in the garden of your holiday home.

View and enjoy your holiday from a distance

Installing network cameras in your holiday home will benefit you in several ways.

With these network cameras you first of all get a surveillance system that enables you to view video images from different locations and spaces remotely and to check remotely whether the situation in and around your holiday home is in good condition. Moreover, these network cameras are ideal for viewing live images and also for enjoying your holiday home and the surroundings remotely.

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