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Residential building

Enjoying your home without having to think about safety.

For your home there are various options to feel safe. This way you don't have to worry about your safety and you can enjoy your home.

Protect your house against vandalism and burglary

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Nothing is as important as the safety in and around your own home. Camera surveillance helps with this and limits damage and theft.

To protect your house as well as possible, it is important that cameras are used in strategic places, for example at the garage and the entrances and exits of your home.

See who is at your door from a distance?

Netcam Viewer Monitor TV UPS MED

With a doorphone you can quickly and easily see when someone is at your door. With the built-in camera, this person immediately appears on screen and you can communicate directly with this person via a simple app on your smartphone. Even when you are not at home.

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