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EasyGuard Temporary Camera Security

Easy Guard Hero
Temporary surveillance of objects and environments.

Plug & Watch Camera Surveillance

EasyGuard offers a solution for quickly and easily setting up camera surveillance. This versatile set is perfect for construction sites, environments prone to illegal dumping, temporary object observation, and event monitoring. With its 4K recording quality, EasyGuard ensures sharp images, leaving no detail unnoticed. Thanks to a user-friendly app, live footage can be viewed anywhere and anytime, allowing you to effectively monitor and protect your property. EasyGuard stands for convenience, efficiency, and above all, safety. Thus, it provides a reliable surveillance solution that is operational with just a few steps.

Delivered quickly, secured quickly.

Temporary camera surveillance in 3 steps

Fast delivery

The EasyGuard is delivered quickly, often within 2 business days.

Easy to install by yourself

The set comes complete with a mast for a flat roof and mounting options for a (street) lamp post.

You provide:

  • 230V power connection

Live feed via APP

  • The set is pre-configured.
  • You can watch live, receive notifications, and review recordings via an app.
Easyguard truckdetection 002

Receive notifications from unattended locations.

Visual verification via security app so you can take immediate action.

Versatile camera, your location secured quickly

With EasyGuard, you can detect suspicious situations thanks to instant notifications, allowing you to take immediate action. Easily view past recordings to analyze important events and gain valuable insights. With its user-friendly interface and reliable functionality, EasyGuard provides control wherever you are. Access EasyGuard today and manage your remote locations like never before.

The solution for temporary camera surveillance

The set is delivered quickly, making temporary camera surveillance possible. This set is particularly suitable for mounting on (street) lighting, scaffolding, or a flat roof. Only 230 volts of power is required on-site.

Easyguard truckdetection 003

Temporary camera surveillance starting from €119 per month.

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