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Business services

Your business safe in multiple areas.

Put safety for customers and employees first and secure your building and goods.

Access control

Webcam Center Column Card Reader

Easily secure your duration with a smart card or code system. Our network-based door controllers are able to grant or deny access to certain parts of your premises, to lock or record at set times.

Benefits of IP-based access control:

  • Easy and flexible management of users in groups
  • Links with CRM and HRM systems possible
  • Fast activation of temporary access for visitors by reception
  • Restrictions based on time
  • Provide access when supervisor is present
  • Provide access based on license plate (Barrier or gate opening upon arrival.)
Our advice for access control

Security of your building and goods


Government agencies and other business services institutions are an easy target for vandalism and other criminal actions. This costs a lot of money, for example for repairing vandalism and breaking tracks, cleaning costs and replacing stolen goods. You can prevent this by installing fixed and movable cameras.

Safety of employees and visitors is paramount

Public order and safety is an important theme for governments and business services at all levels. Both citizens, civil servants and employees do not want to be confronted with acute threats and criminal actions.

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