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Make your construction project a beautiful and lasting memory.

With the construction camera setup you can stream live images and we will make a beautiful time-lapse film for you.

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An extra pair of eyes in your store gives you more knowledge about your store. You can think of security in your store, but also information about which customer visits your store at what time or how long your queue is at the checkout.

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Whether you are responsible for a small school or a large university, your goal is to create an environment that promotes a student's interest in learning and a teacher's passion for sharing. A goal that is only possible if everyone is present and safe.

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Business Services

Put safety for customers and employees first and secure your building and goods.

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Good camera surveillance ensures that you can optimally focus on what is most important, namely the production process.

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Let your future customer enjoy live streams from your hotel and the surrounding area. And secure your hotel with good camera surveillance.

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Health care

Offers a safe and reliable environment for your patient and employee.

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To ensure that traffic runs as smoothly as possible, you constantly need the latest information. With network video cameras you have this information within reach.

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Residential building

For your home there are various options to feel safe. This way you don't have to worry about your safety and you can enjoy your home.

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Vacation home

Allow your vacation to last longer and enjoy the live images that your network camera makes for you. You can also leave your holiday home with confidence with the help of camera security.

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