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BuildCam, professional time-lapse movies and construction cameras.


Edited by a professional editor

  • Images are filtered
  • Image stabilization
  • Light corrections
  • More vivid image
  • Add titles
  • Addition of royalty-free music


View the various time-lapse:

Transferro bouwt
Appartementen Hooghkamer
56 appartementen voor Woningstichting Stek
Pier Blankenberge
Restauratie Pier Blankenberge
Keuken Groep Hoofdkantoor
Nieuwbouw van het nieuwe hoofdkantoor van de Keuken Groep

Easy Installation

Easy installation:

  • Construction camera is delivered complete
  • Includes mast for flat roof
  • Includes 10 meters of power cable

You take care of:

  • Good spot with a view of the construction
  • 230V connection

Fast delivery:

  • Always in stock
  • Shipping within a few working days
  • Box with construction camera and clear instructions

"Installed quikly and live in 2 minutes."

Direct image with QR code

  • Unique QR code on the construction camera
  • Direct live image
  • Correctly align the camera
  • Remote support for tips

Quik insight into the images

  • Direct live image
  • Direct access to saved images
  • Simple interface
  • Access automatic time-lapse

Features of the Construction Camera

Live stream of construction

Always a live image from the construction site for an unlimited number of viewers. Easy to share via social media.

Interim time-lapse

An automatic time-lapse can be created monthly and viewed online.

Look back at photos

View a selection of 4k photos online of your project from the past few months

Time-lapse 4K Movie

Get an impression of the entire construction period in just a few minutes.
The film has been edited by a professional editor.

Emergency stop +1 hour delay

An administrator can switch off the stream via SMS in the event of incidents.
The delay gives you the opportunity not to show unwanted images.


The construction camera is continuously monitored, so that power or video outages are quickly identified.

Stream security

The stream can be protected with a password. You also choose on which websites your stream can be shown.

Backup power supply

To bridge short periods of power failure or when using a generator, our backup batteries can be used if desired.

A construction camera in 3 simple steps

Request quote

Tell us your wishes and requirements, you will receive a quote as soon as possible

Schedule the installation

The installation can often take place within two weeks, even faster in emergencies.

Start streaming

You are now live! From now on, all images will be saved and streamed.

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