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Installation on location

Our experienced engineers can perform any installation you require at the desired location.

We take care of a complete installation for you at any desired location in the Netherlands, Belgium and a part of Germany.

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Installation the way you want it.

Our experienced technicians can carry out any installation you require, ranging from mounting a camera on top of a flat to viewing and archiving images for building progress or monitoring your business premises.

Our engineers are multifunctionally trained, so that we can do a complete installation in any desired situation.

Optionally, extra materials such as a scaffolding or aerial platform can be rented to reach the desired mounting height at the location.

Our activities fit in seamlessly with the activities that you may wish to perform yourself. In that case we will discuss with you which part of the job, for example hanging a camera, laying cables and / or configuring the hardware and software, we carry out for you.

For us a job is only done when everything is finished and you are satisfied with the result.

Installation services

The knowledge and expertise can be seen in the result

We provide the following services for you:

  • Assistance with mounting the cameras
  • Complete mounting of the cameras
  • Configuration of the network cameras
  • Assistance with network configuration
  • Training on the use of the cameras
  • Installation and configuration of software
  • Integration of camera images in a website

For more information about our installation services you can always contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Collaborate with resellers, installation by Support4IP

Support4 IP Bus

Especially for resellers we offer the possibility to perform the installation without referring to NetcamCenter.

Support4IP provides installation, configuration and, if required, remote assistance and your customer communicates via Support4IP. This way we will never get in each other's way, but your customer will receive the knowledge and quality that you can expect from NetcamCenter.