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Guide your patients with the help of IP solutions.

Offers a safe and reliable environment for your patient and employee.

Keep an eye on high-risk patients

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The use of a PTZ camera makes it possible to observe the elderly and people with a mental or mental disability and thus to monitor when personal guidance is not possible. This allows them to live independently for longer.

We offer a wide selection of cameras for this purpose. They provide high-quality images that can save investigation time and provide valid evidence in the event of an incident. Further possibilities in camera choices are automatic alarm in case of calamities and remote observation with access to live and recorded video images from an authorized computer.

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Cameras make it possible to live independently for longer.

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Everyone will sooner or later have to deal with the question whether your parents can continue to live independently by age, your partner, child, brother or sister with a physical and mental disability. Of course a number of factors play a role in this. But what particularly plays a role is that there must be a sense of security for the person who lives independently but also for the people around it.

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Good observation leads to better care

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Are you looking for a way to improve the complete safety and security of your hospital or healthcare institutions? And do you want to increase the quality of patient care at the same time? And of course optimize daily efficiency?

Cost efficient and future proof

The use of IP cameras can be a cost-efficient tool. For example, to effectively monitor critical areas such as emergency or psychiatric departments, prevent burglaries and fraudulent insurance claims, and to quickly evaluate incidents and take appropriate action.

Well proven in medical environments

Network video products are successfully used at healthcare institutions around the world. These products provide high-quality images that shorten investigations and provide valid evidence in the event of an incident. Further options include remote monitoring with access to live and recorded videos from any authorized computer, HDTV video with an exceptional level of detail and automatic alarms in the event of camera tampering and breach of peace.

Use your existing CCTV investments

Various hospitals have chosen a video encoder for a seamless transition to IP-based monitoring. They can thus protect their current investments and also benefit from the many benefits of video technology. This has resulted in a cost-efficient extensible system that facilitates all operations and investigations of their recorded images.

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Privacy guaranteed with a live privacy shield

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Monitoring patients greatly improves the health and safety of the patient, for which the patient often sacrifices privacy. In many cases no detail of the patient is needed, but it is more than sufficient to see in which position a person lies or sits. We can equip cameras with a privacy shield especially for this. This makes the area fully visible, but people are automatically masked. Because the shape and position of the person remains visible, it is for example still possible to see if a patient has fallen.

  • Live privacy shield automatically masks faces and people.
  • Can also mask backgrounds
  • Patients are no longer recognizable. The outline and movement of people remains to be seen.
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