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AXIS Video Motion Detection

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Motion Detection activates on moving people or objects in an area
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  • Edge-based video analytics
  • Multiple profiles for extra flexibility
  • Preinstalled at no extra cost

Description AXIS Video Motion Detection

AXIS Video Motion Detection is an edge-based analytics application that triggers an event when objects of relevant size move within a predefined area in the camera view. Preinstalled on most Axis network video products, it is ideal for use in small, low-traffic areas, and in situations that don’t require an active alarm response. The application analyzes movement, ignores ordinary background motion, and provides filters to reduce false alarms. It supports include and exclude areas. Multiple profiles allow for different configurations to be applied at different times.


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An edge-based app, AXIS Video Motion Detection analyzes video directly on the network video product. You avoid the need for costly central processing servers and gain easy scalability and savings on bandwidth use. It integrates with a video product’s event management functions and is compatible with many video management software. You can program automatic responses to event triggers, such as sending live video and email alerts. Sending and recording video only on event triggers makes reviews and searches easier, and reduces bandwidth and storage needs. Automatically playing a message from loudspeakers or turning on lights helps scare off intruders.

Easy setup

AXIS Video Motion Detection analyzes movement and ignores ordinary background motion to reduce false alarms. It can filter out motion from headlights, swaying foliage and small objects.

The app allows you to create multiple profiles with different configurations. Each profile supports one “include” area and three “exclude” areas. You can use different profiles simultaneously or at different times, and set different events for different profiles. Verifying that the setup works is easy with real-time visual confirmation features like bounding boxes that change color on an event trigger.


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