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AXIS ACAP Loitering Guard E-licentie

AXIS Article code 0333-602

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Axis ACAP Loitering Guard E-licentie
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  • Triggers an alarm when people or vehicles are in a certain area for too long

Description AXIS ACAP Loitering Guard E-licentie

For detecting loiterers

AXIS Loitering Guard tracks moving objects such as people and vehicles, and triggers an alarm if they have been in a predefined area for too long. The application is ideal for detecting loiterers, particularly during after business hours, on semi-public properties such as office parking lots, school yards, and areas near fences. It can help prevent crime such as vandalism and break-ins. The application supports multiple profiles for different loitering conditions. Exclude areas, filters, and perspective configuration help reduce false alarms. Alarm overlays in live or recorded video highlight the object or area that is triggering the alarm.

Key Features:

  • Motion- and time-based triggers
  • Edge-based video analytics
  • Multiple conditions and profiles
  • Perspective tool for fewer false alarms
  • Bounding box alarm overlay


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Model number 0333-602
Brand AXIS
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