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AXIS T91A33 light track mount white

AXIS Article code 01467-001-ps

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Axis T91A33 light track mount White, 1 piece
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Description AXIS T91A33 light track mount white

Flexible mount for lighting tracks

AXIS T91A33 Lighting Track Mount is a unique accessory designed for mounting a wide range of Axis cameras and stands on lighting track systems. With no need for drilling, alterations to existing track systems, or running cables inside walls or ceilings, this Axis accessory helps to save time and money during installation. Furthermore, benefit from the flexibility to reposition cameras along the track whenever needed. AXIS T91A33 is compatible with a broad range of universal 3-circuit lighting track systems and common linear trunking systems. It is available in white and black to easily blend in with the lighting track system.

Key Features:

  • Quick and flexible installation - no drilling or alterations
  • Compatible with universal 3-circuit lighting track systems
  • Compatible with selected linear trunking systems
  • Perfect for retail environment
  • Available in white and black
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Model number 01467-001-ps
Brand AXIS
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