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AXIS Live privacy shield

AXIS Article code Liveprivacyshield

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Axis privacy shield, a cost-saving, powerful, edge-based solution to protect privacy.
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  • Easy to install, configure and manage
  • For indoor areas with good, stable lighting
  • Real-time, edge-based dynamic masking
  • Motion-based masking
  • Free download

Description AXIS Live privacy shield

Dynamic privacy masking in real-time

Suitable indoors and out, this scalable, edge-based application lets you remotely monitor activities while safeguarding privacy. AI-based dynamic masking works in real-time to mask personal data on live and recorded video streams. And you can choose what to mask. For instance, you can mask entire human bodies or just faces, license plates, a combination, or you can mask the background. You decide how much details are visible through the masking. It’s also possible to set up masking exclusion areas. Furthermore, you can view streams without masking and restrict access to unmasked streams — ideal whenever an incident occurs.

Key features:

  • Safeguards privacy in real-time
  • Edge-based dynamic masking
  • Flexible AI-based masking
  • Cost-effective, scalable application
  • Free download

The latest version of the application can be installed on compatible Axis cameras with firmware 10.11 or higher.

Ill masked unmasked 190506
Here you can see the difference between images with and without masking:


Datasheet Download pdf
User manual Download pdf
How to get started with Live privacy shield? Download pdf



Model number Liveprivacyshield
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