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AXIS Speed Monitor

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Free software collects and displays real-time speeds of up to 105 km/h. ACAP for AXIS D2110-VE radar
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  • Free software for D2110-VE
  • Show speed in real time
  • Trigger at speed limit
  • Export data as CSV file

Description AXIS Speed Monitor

AXIS Speed Monitor seamlessly connects Axis security radar to your Axis camera, making it possible to visualize radar data and get statistics about road usage for more informed decision-making. It can visualize measured speed up to 105 km/h (~65 mph) directly in your camera feed. The data gathered can be used to trigger real-time events such as activating strobe lights, starting camera recording, and more. Relevant data can also be exported as a CSV-file so you can create more comprehensive graphical overviews.

Key features:

  • Make roads safer by enabling informed decisions
  • Visualize vehicle speeds up to 105 km/h (~65 mph)
  • Trigger alarms, video recording, and more
  • Export data as a CSV-file for further processing
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Live monitoring and events

AXIS Speed Monitor is ideal for measuring vehicle speed and monitoring unsecured roads. It collects and processes radar data and presents the data as visual overlays in the camera feed. This means you can display the speed in real-time. By combining this solution with public view monitors, you can send live messages asking speeding drivers to slow down. The data can also be used to trigger other events such as activating strobe lights, triggering alarms, starting camera recordings, and more.

Benefit from forensics and statistics

This solution offers an efficient way to gather actionable data to make more informed decisions about the monitored road. The data can be exported as a CSV-file for creating comprehensive graphical overviews. For instance, about the number of vehicles passing per day, and their speed. The information can be used to determine if speed bumps, or other traffic calming devices should be installed.


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