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AXIS Perimeter defender e-license

AXIS Article code 0333-608

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Axis ACAP Perimeter defender e-license
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  • Detects moving people and vehicles
  • Analytics App
  • PTZ auto tracking app for PTZ cameras

Description AXIS Perimeter defender e-license

High-security, scalable perimeter protection

AXIS Perimeter Defender offers edge-based camera applications that enable the setup of a cost-effective perimeter protection system. The analytics can automatically detect and respond to people and vehicles intruding on your property. Supported detection scenarios include intrusion, zone crossing, and loitering. With a separate license, the analytics can also sync with a PTZ camera for autotracking and close-ups of detected objects. AI-based human and vehicle classif ications are additionally available for selected cameras, enabling enhanced functionalities. An installation program, design tool and optional VMS plugins are included.

Key Features:

  • Edge-based intrusion detection system
  • Classifies humans and vehicles
  • Multiple detection scenarios
  • PTZ autotracking for automatic close-ups
  • Bounding box metadata overlay


Datasheet Download pdf
User manual Download pdf
Milestone Download pdf
Design Tool Download pdf


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Model number 0333-608
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