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AXIS Lens Tamron C 4-13MM Dc-iris

AXIS Article code 5506-731

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Axis Lens Tamron C 4-13MM Dc-iris
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Description AXIS Lens Tamron C 4-13MM Dc-iris

Standard C mounted varifocal DC-Iris lens 4-13mm for AXIS Q1635.
Thanks to the included CS adapter, this lens can be used with both C-mount and CS-mount cameras. The lens has an automatically adjustable iris opening and an automatically adjustable iris opening. It is recommended in situations with varying light levels, compared to a lens with a manually adjustable iris.

The lens is IR-corrected. This means that you don't need to adjust the camera's focus when you shift between day and night mode using the IR-cut filter.

- IR-corrected lens
- F-stop 1.5
- Focal length 4–13 mm
- Supports sensors up to 1/1.8″

Tamron Lens 4-13 mm, DC-iris & C-mount

CameraImage sensorAngle of view
AXIS Q1615 Mk III1/2.8''79-25°
AXIS Q1615-LE Mk III*1/2.8''79-25°
AXIS Q16451/2"88-33°
AXIS Q1645-LE*1/2"88-33°

* Angles measured when the lens is mounted in IK10 position.


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Model number 5506-731
GTIN code 7331021048393
Brand AXIS
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