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AXIS Lens CS 12-50 MM F1.4 P-iris 8MP

AXIS Article code 01690-001

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Axis Lens CS 12-50 MM F1.4 P-iris 8MP
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Description AXIS Lens CS 12-50 MM F1.4 P-iris 8MP

Varifocal IR-corrected 12-50 mm P-Iris lens for cameras up to 8 megapixel resolution and 1/1.8" sensor.

This P-iris lens with its capability for precise iris control, addresses the imperfections of an auto-iris lens. It provides improvements in contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field. The long reach of this telephoto lens allows you to capture objects that are far away.

The lens is IR-corrected. This means that you don't need to adjust the camera's focus when you shift between day and night mode using the IR-cut filter.

IR-corrected lens
F-stop 1.4
Focal length 12–50 mm
Supports sensors up to 1/1.8″

Compatible with e.g. AXIS Q1645/-LE, AXIS Q1647/-LE, AXIS P1367/-E and P1368-E.


Image sensor

Angle of view

AXIS P1371/1.8''36-9°
AXIS P1378-LE1/1.8''36-9°
AXIS Q1615 Mk III1/2.8''26-6.5°
AXIS Q1615-LE Mk III1/2.8''26-6.5°
AXIS Q16451/2"33.5-8.4
AXIS Q1645-LE1/2"33.5-8.4
AXIS Q16471/2"34.6-8.6
AXIS Q1647-LE1/2"34.6-8.6
AXIS P1368-E



*Angles measured when the lens is mounted in IK10 position.


Datasheet Download pdf


Model number 01690-001
GTIN code 7331021066526
Brand AXIS
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