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AXIS Extended Warranty Q1942-E PT Mount 35MM 30 Fps

AXIS Article code 0985-600

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Axis, Warranty extension, 2 years extra on top of the factory warranty of 3 years (total 5 years) Q1942-E PT Mount 35MM 30 Fps
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  • 2 year extra warranty
  • Maximum guarantee with a total of 5 years

Description AXIS Extended Warranty Q1942-E PT Mount 35MM 30 Fps

2 year extension of the standard 3 year warranty period, total 5 years

Note 1: Maximum warranty on cameras / encoders / decoders / access control is 5 years including standard warranty. No possibility to extend total warranty of more than 5 years.

Note 2: The warranty code must be redeemed within 6 months of purchase. The code will not be treated after 6 months.

Note 3: Extended warranty must be registered within 6 months of purchasing the product. After this time the registration will be blocked.

Note 4: Extended warranty cannot be canceled, changed or returned.


Model number 0985-600
Brand AXIS
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