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Bosch FCS-8000-VFD-B

Bosch Article code FCS-8000-VFD-B | SAP code: F.01U.317.536

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AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 Video-based fire detection, Early fire or smoke detection with a camera for indoor applications
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  • Indoor Very fast fire and smoke detection
  • Robust against false alarms
  • intelligent algorithms
  • VDS certified

Description Bosch FCS-8000-VFD-B

Flame and smoke detection also with low lighting

Aviotec is the new solution developed by Bosch to detect smoke and / or fire early, yet reliably. This uses intelligent video analysis in cameras. This is an ideal solution especially for buildings with high ceilings, for dusty or damp rooms or in extremely large halls. Actually, wherever the installation of smoke detectors is difficult or where a faster response time is desired, Aviotec is the ideal solution.

Bosch AVIOTEC system benefits
Faster and more accurate fire detection

Detection at the source

With Aviotec, an alarm is generated within seconds, so you can quickly take effective measures.

What does it bring you

The much faster detection saves valuable time, which significantly reduces the chance of valuable goods and buildings going up in smoke.

This innovative product has now been improved by

  • Reduction of lighting 7 lux to 2 lux
  • Planned sensitivity settings
  • Low operating costs
  • Improved reliability of detection


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Model number FCS-8000-VFD-B
GTIN code 8717332541010
Brand Bosch
IP Cameras
Camera Properties
Basic Functionality
Day and night
Audio support
Local Storage
Exchangeable CS lens
1080p (2MP)
Bosch Series
IP Specialist Cameras
Angle of View
101° - 130°
Optical zoom
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