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WebcamCenter is now called NetcamCenter

The specialist for professional IP cameras

Webcamcenter becomes NetcamCenter

From April 19 2020 we have changed our name from WebcamCenter to NetcamCenter.

Our activities consist of providing hardware and services for professional IP cameras. The Netcam name of network cameras fits our activities better than Webcam. We will therefore use the trade name NetcamCenter.

To promote our international expansion, we will use various domain names.

NetcamCenter.com for our English speaking customers

NetcamCenter.de for our German-speaking customers

NetcamCenter.nl for our Dutch-speaking customers

NetcamCenter, WebcamCenter, NetcamViewer are registered trade names of Arkasis BV.

Our address has changed but we have not moved

From April 19, 2020 we have added the adjacent building by expanding our activities. Because our company entrance has changed, we have received a new address, Limbrichterstraat 1 in Sittard. This is still on the corner of Markt 18, our old address. We still have the same office as before, but by adding 2 buildings we have also added the 4-store office of the adjacent building.

We previously shared an entrance with another company. Now we have our own entrance at Limbrichterstraat 1 in Sittard.

Our office is located in the historic city center of Sittard and is more difficult to reach for transport services to deliver goods. Our warehouse is always accessible and located a short distance from our office at Gats 11 in Sittard.

Our visiting address is Limbrichterstraat 1, 6131EA Sittard, The Netherlands.

Our warehouse to deliver goods is Gats 11, 6131EM Sittard, The Netherlands.